Amorphous porous Silica Gel in irregular shape

Manufactured for over 35 years, ZEOprep irregular silica is one of the most widely used chromatography sorbents worldwide. ZEOprep silica is produced at Zeochem's ISO-9001 certified facility in Switzerland. Strict QC controls from raw material to finished product ensure high lot-to-lot reproducibility and tightly controlled specifications.

Used as industrial column packing material for general purification of natural products, food, cosmetics as well as in pre-purification of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients. Bonded phases are preferably used in liquid chromatography, flash chromatography and solid phase extraction.

CAS-Number:      7631-86-9
EINECS-Number: 231-545-4
REACH-Number:  01-2119379499-16-0036

Product Overview

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