Zeochem offers a wide variety of adsorbents to remove contaminants from hydrocarbon streams in diverse refinery applications. Contaminants such as COS, CS2, H2S, HF, oxygenates, ammonia (NH3) and other nitrogen and sulphur compounds can be removed using Zeochem products in regenerative and non-regenerative adsorption processes.

These adsorption processes can include mixed and single bed designs of activated alumina, silica gel and molecular sieves for both gaseous and liquid states:

Reforming processes - removing HCl, water and/or H2S from hydrogen or CCR
naphtha streams

Alkylation units – HF and sulphuric acid alkylation feed drying and purification
and HF removal from propane and butane

Isomerization units – for dehydration and contaminant removal from C5/C6
feed streams

Production processes for MTBE/ETBE – dehydration and purification of the
streams for catalyst protection purposes

Cryogenic separation processes – hydrocarbon drying up-stream of the cold box

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