Quality Policy
Zeochem is committed to focusing on customizing product and service solutions to fit our customer’s needs. We achieve this by promoting a responsive and flexible culture, combined with our practical problem solving and partnering skills to deliver exceptional product quality and services.

Quality starts with the raw materials, which are specified and monitored by stringent quality control procedures. Critical suppliers are also required to maintain a high level of quality assurance themselves, which Zeochem monitors through audits on a regular basis.

Production operators monitor in-process intermediates for quality in real time on the production line, while process parameters are controlled and recorded using sophisticated computer techniques. These levels of scrutiny are backed up at key process steps by Zeochem's fully equipped quality control laboratories.

All finished products are analyzed and certified against specifications by our quality control lab, which is independent of the manufacturing operation. Zeochem uses test methods according to international norms and has also developed proprietary test procedures, specific to customer applications to ensure that Zeochem's products give the expected performance, first time, every time.

We are in compliance with the standard of international quality system boards (ISO 9001) and with those of scores of critical customers in demanding industries.

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