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The user may use the Zeochem AG website without disclosing personal data. If any of the web pages require the entry of personal data (e-mail address, name, postal address etc.), such entry will be voluntary. Before such entry of data is possible the express written consent of the user is required. Zeochem AG will treat personal data entered by the user confidentially and will not disclose, sell or otherwise market any such personal data without the express written consent of the user.

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All information, data and other content (including pictorial, graphic and photographic works) published on the website of Zeochem AG, that are protected by trade mark right, copyright or any other intellectual property rights are also protected by law for the respective right holder even if not specifically marked as being so protected. The information published on the Zeochem AG website must not be copied, disseminated, altered, made available to any third party or used otherwise without the prior written consent of Zeochem AG.

Legal Effect
This Disclaimer of liability is part of the Zeochem AG website. If any term or phrase of this Disclaimer should not comply with current law, then such term or phrase shall be severed from the remainder of this Disclaimer, and such remainder shall continue in full force and effect.

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