Drying Applications

Zeochem is one of the leading manufacturers of molecular sieves for use in drying applications. Zeochem products offer high physical stability (high crush strength and low attrition), excellent adsorption kinetics and high water equilibrium capacity to secure a low dew point.

High Capacity Desiccants
Zeochem offers high-capacity desiccants in beaded form based on either synthetic amorphous porous silica gels or molecular sieves. Our high-capacity desiccant is used for static and dynamic drying of liquids, air and other gases.

Molecular Sieve
Dehydration of gases and liquids, dehydration of solvents

Dehydration of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, air and inert gases, dehydration of non-polar liquids, packing desiccant, air compressor

Silica Gel
ZEObeads 720
Power stations, drying towers, packaging, laboratory

Rubingel (with colour indicator*)
Drying plants, laboratory, desiccators, storage tanks, electrical transformer, air drying

*The initial color status of activated Rubingel is dark red. At increasing levels of saturation the colour changes to yellow.

Air Brake
ZEOCHEMĀ® 4A-8BL was specially developed for optimum performance in the dehydration of air for use in mobile compressed air brake systems, such as those used on trucks, coaches and railway rolling stock. In this PSA application, the quality requirements especially regarding the physical stability of the product is extremely high. Therefore these types of products are guaranteed to last for thousands of cycles under the extreme conditions experienced over the lifetime of the product.

Desiccant Bags
Zeochem has partnered with Tropack GmbH as our distributor for Rubingel Desiccant bags. All sales for Desiccant Bags are handled by Tropack.

Protects your goods during storage and transportation

Ideal for humidity sensitive products such as electronic components or pharmaceuticals.

Desiccant bags with humidity indicator are produced under DIN 55473.

For applications when a low dew point is necessary, we recommend the use
of desiccant bags with molecular sieve.

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