Chromatography Gels

Zeochem's silica gels are amorphous porous silica gels in various forms (irregular, beads, spherical), used as industrial column packing materials for the purification of natural products, food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and pharma/medical products.

Zeochem's silica gels are preferably applied as chromatography media in industrial chromatography such as preparative liquid chromatography (LC) flash chromatography, preparative and analytical high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and other chromatographic technologies.

FLYER: Chromatography Gels

ZEOprep:    Amorphous porous silica gel in irregular shape
ZEObeads:  Amorphous porous silica as micro beads
ZEOsphere: Amorphous porous silica in spherical shape

All products are available in various pore and particle sizes.

Additionally Zeochem offers Rubingel, a silica used as high performance desiccant in the food, nutraceutical and pharma industry.

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