ZEOsphere® DRP
Doped reversed phase stationary phases

ZEOsphere DRP are doped reversed phase chromatography silica gels, merged with different amounts of strong anion exchanger (A) or strong cation exchanger (C). Both ionic and hydrophobic functionalities on the same surface increase significantly the performance compared to conventional chromatographic phases. With ZEOsphere DRP faster, better and cheaper purifications are achieved – with one single phase.

To learn more about the scientific background of doped reversed phase chromatography click here or download the product brochure.

ZEOsphere DRP Products

ZEOsphere DRP 120
         pdf Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
         pdf Certification Data Sheet

To request a technical data sheet, please click on the link of the appropriate product below:
- ZEOsphere DRP A2.5
- ZEOsphere DRP A5
- ZEOsphere DRP A7.5
- ZEOsphere DRP A10
- ZEOsphere DRP A15
- ZEOsphere DRP A50
- ZEOsphere DRP C5
- ZEOsphere DRP C10
- ZEOsphere DRP C15
- ZEOsphere DRP C50

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